Thursday, March 9, 2017

Screencastify in the Classroom

Screencastify is a chrome extension that can capture video/audio on a computer screen or webcam. It is being widely used by students and teachers in LPS. If you have not heard of Screencastify yet or need some convincing that this tool can widen what you do in your classroom, take a look at how your peers in LPS are using it. Screencastify Help Document

Makendra Silverman - Science Newton Middle School
There is never enough time. Create a science lab demonstration video with steps/expectations that students watch for homework. Students get started right away in the beginning of class. They can also refer to the video throughout the lab for clarification. This provides the teacher time to stretch student thinking rather then repeating directions. "This saved us because kids are ready without me needing to do the demo in person for class time. Such fun! Next video in the series may have to be how to clean up so they know that to."

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Erin Gonshor - Franklin Elementary 4th grade As a busy teacher, I often feel frustrated that I can not conference with every student or give meaningful feedback after I've graded their work in a timely manner. I use Screencastify in Writers Workshop for: conferring, next steps or goals, and feedback on assessments. I will typically have the video go right to my students' drives or send in through Google Classroom attached to their grade. Making two or three videos a day before I head home, allows me to start my workshop with a clear job for each writer. The key to making this tool time efficient, is not to get too picky about the editing! Screencastify also helps me get important information to parents and students regarding homework or administrative messages. A video is often easier than writing multiple emails with long-winded directions.
  • Book Project 
  • Video Helping a Parent with Math 
  • Small Group Instruction 
  • Assessment Feedback

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Julia Bransgrove - Band Newton Middle SchoolWhat a great way for students to show you their most polished performance and an opportunity to retry/rerecord their work. Additional benefits include students practicing more often and time saved in class to listen to each student individually. 

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