Friday, August 29, 2014

Oh Snap!

Oh snap!

Ever delete something out of in Google Drive, only to discover that you need it?  Google Apps for Education now provides a 25-day window for recovery!  To get back that deleted spreadsheet or doc, please submit a help desk ticket here .   This functionality is available on the student domain, too, in case of an emergency.   

Monday, August 25, 2014

ITS on the Edge

This summer, your ITS team was living on the edge.  Well, as far on the edge as IT folks can get.  

However, we did install all new edge switches at each school.  These devices, called Layer 3 switches, replace 12-15 year old switches, and are the first step in a three year project to replace networking equipment in our schools.  The new devices promise better data security, higher speeds (upgradeable to 10GB per seconds as we continue to grow our needs for data), and more reliability.

 This work sets the stage for replacing network cabling to current standards, and supports the upgrading of our WiFi system to newest generation access points.  ITS is watching the number of devices on our network explode, and is committed to providing a robust network to support teaching and learning in our buildings.  


Google Classroom Status

Hello and welcome back to your physical classrooms!  Some of you have been asking about the status of Google’s Online Classroom tool.  Here is the status of Google Classroom for LPS:  To make the platform work, teachers and students need to be able to exchange email addresses from the same domain, in this case,  To make that happen, LPS will need to add email functionality to staff members in the domain, which we cannot do until Google’ email discovery and archival tool, Vault, is made available to us.  We had a request for this service for months, and are anxiously awaiting this service. 

The Instructional Technology Team is proud of Littleton’s strong partnership with Google products, and more importantly, our teacher’s creative and effective instructional practices with Google Apps.  We’re as anxious as you are to enable this tool for your use, and will notify you once it’s available.