Monday, December 12, 2016

Online Reading Strategy

Michelle Butler our SWAAAC (State Wide Assistive Technology, Augmentative and Alternative Communication ) Facilitator shared with us an on-line "Text Reduction Strategy". The original idea…Students are given an article and a black marker. They are instructed to read the article and decide what text is critical to the main point of the article and what text is not. Next, they use the marker to black out any text that is not critical, leaving behind just the main ideas. Same strategy in an on-line space. 

1. Find an article 
Here There Everywhere
Scholastic News Online
National Geographic Kids
Science News for Students

2. Paste it in a Google Doc
3. Share with students 

4. Have students use the black highlighter to identify critical information and "black out" non-critical information. 

SEE FULL ARTICLE for details on each step. for details on each step