Friday, December 9, 2016

Breakout EDU

I was first introduced to Breakout EDU at a training last spring. As a person who loves to solves puzzles, this was right up my alley. Beyond this though, I was forced to work with 10 other teachers, many of whom I didn't know to solve these puzzles in only 45 minutes. It was a great reminder of what true collaboration, creativity, and communication look like in action. Knowing what I experienced as an adult, I could only imagine the impact this could have on all students in my building. Through, I was able to acquire three full kits for Franklin. We are beyond excited to use the free games on Breakout EDU to teach our students on every level. Not only are the games themed with everything from math to Colorado History, but they are sorted by the size of the group you have and grade level. This means that all students have access to games that will challenge them and their peers. Authentic, real-life learning is what we strive for as educators, why not have some fun while we help guide our students in this work. If they can figure out how to persevere, communicate, and collaborate in these games to open locks, read invisible ink, and solve a multitude of different clues, imagine how they can apply this to their other learning in the classroom as well. 

If you are curious, want to borrow a kit, or have any questions don't hesitate to reach out, we can learn together. 

Penny Potts
Franklin Elementary School
Twitter: @MrsPotts19 

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