Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Robotics Club - Ralph Moody Elementary

Funded by a grant from Groove Auto, Sarah Finney and Corey Meurer-Lynn have started an afternoon robotics club at Moody Elementary. Students are using robotics kits from the Project Lead the Way organization to learn the basics of building robots. 

PLTW Launch’s 24 interdisciplinary modules bring learning to life. The program empowers students to adopt a design-thinking mindset through compelling activities, projects, and problems that build upon each other and relate to the world around them. And as students engage in hands-on activities in computer science, engineering, and biomedical science, they become creative, collaborative problem solvers ready to take on any challenge. 

Working in teams of three, students collaborate to design and build working robot models that have the ability to detect and avoid obstacles, gather information from the surrounding environment and allow the computer "brain" to determine what actions to take when these obstacles are encountered. 

For more information on the club contact Sara Finney, Corey Meurer-Lynn or the principal at Moody, Allyson Mallory.

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