Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Second Grade PenPals - Runyon Elementary and Hopkins Elementary

Mandi Autry a 2nd grade teacher at Runyon, was inspired to start pen-pals back up this year after a former student came back to visit after her first week in middle school and was thrilled to have met her pen-pal from elementary school. It was wonderful to see they remembered each other and had an immediate friend in a new school. This year Mandi Autry (Runyon) and Libby Wachter also a 2nd grade teacher (Hopkins) have their classes write back and forth about once a month. Their goal is that they learn about other students and make friendships that continue throughout elementary school and into middle school. The students use their Google account and continue writing back and forth on one Google document. The kids are enjoying it and are thrilled when a new letter arrives! 

Interested in pen paling with your class? 
Let us know so we can help get you started and match you up with another classroom.

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