Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Family Media Plan

Family Media Plan 

"Media should work for you & work within your family values & parenting style. When media is used thoughtfully & appropriately, media can enhance daily life. But when used inappropriately or without thought, media can displace many important activities such as face-to-face interaction, family-time, outdoor-play, exercise, unplugged downtime & sleep." 

Use the Family Media Plan and Media Time Calculator to create a plan for your family and individual children.

The plan covers topics like:
Screen Free Zone 

Screen Free Times Device Curfews 
Balancing Time 
Manners Matter 
Choose and Diversity your Media 
Digital Citizenship 
Sleep and Exercise 
Safety First 

Planning together with your child(ren) is a powerful way to strengthen your communication. To find this information in Spanish, click here

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