Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Library Extension

A new Chrome Extension that allows you to search on Amazon and then tells you which of your local libraries has it ready to check out or put on hold. 

Try Library Extension, a library Chrome extension that works with Amazon and Goodreads. 

You can see how the extension displays on the right side after you choose a book. 

The extension allows you to add whatever libraries you’d like. Currently, 3000+ libraries are listed and it’s possible to search multiple libraries.

Click on the Borrow or Place on Hold button, and you’ll be taken to the appropriate page — either the library’s page with information about where available physical copies are located or the library’s digital lending page for the item, where you can sign in and check it out. There’s also an option to place a hold on an item if it’s not available.

Ebook users who use Amazon’s Family Library may especially appreciate the extension’s ability to search multiple libraries. Sharing ebooks via Family Library works for library books as well as for purchased content, so if the other adult in your Amazon Household has borrowing privileges at a different library than you do, each of you can get access to digital materials at the other’s library.

Thank you to Amy Cavendar for sharing out this resource

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