Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Interesting Maps - Using Maps For Students To Show Their Understanding / Application

Interesting MAPS
Are you using great maps with your students? Share what and how you use them for other teachers to learn from you.

World Population
Themes: Food, Health, Environment, Sci & Tech...
Overlays: Fossil Fuels, Land Use, Urbanization, Life Expectancy...
Years: Scrolls through years to see how the Themes and Overlays change over time

Compare Country Sizes or The True Size or How Big Really
Easy way for students to compare countries, states, and event sizes

World Export Maps Easy visual to see top exports from each country.

Where can the data take you? customize the data you want to display

What your state is good at, and what it's lame at.

40 Maps they did not teach you in school

Other Interesting MAPS
- What your state is good at, and what it's lame at.
- Debate Graph
- Population Density ( w/ sliding scale )
- Hurricane Paths
- Big Map Blog
- World Mapper
- Scribble Maps
- Crazy Maps
- Thematic Maps
- Tripline - The Scale of the Universe - YouTube video
- Map Maker Interactive- Easel.ly - Infographics

- Imaginative and Beautifully Designed Maps - Geography Awareness Week

TED Talk: Alisa Miller How does the news shape the way we ( the United States ) see the world
- GeoGuesser: figure out exactly where you are by using Google Maps and Google Earth to find geographical clues. Use GeoSettr to create your own GeoGuesser

- Mission Map Quest
- European Map Time Lapse Video
- World Geography Games
- Geography Awareness Week Ideas

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