Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Flexible Seating - Highland Elementary

Maggie Hicks a 5th grade teacher at Highland Elementary has made a shift. This year students have flexible seating. From yoga balls to pillows on the floor to benches or high top tables, there is a lot to choose from and students are benefiting.

Maggie Hicks - Several years ago I sought answers as to more and more kids just can't seem to sit still. The following is not the article I read but it does encapsulate the gist of it: Why so many kids can’t sit still in school today. I tried GoNoodle (and still use it) but it didn't seem to address the core strength issue. Then, earlier this year a colleague posted a link on Facebook--and that's the real impetus for considering flexible seating: Flexible Seating/Student-Centered Classroom. When I read the next article on "Cemetery Seating" I made up my mind. I spoke with my principal about it and she encouraged me to go for it. I started scrounging for tables right away! So far, I love it and most of the students seem to enjoy it. They enjoy the freedom of being able to choose their own learning spots for the day. It's taken some tweaking along the way (the bins I had just weren't big enough to house all the materials my 5th graders need; some kids actually preferred sitting at traditional desks, so I had to bring some of those back, and I've had to monitor more closely the time the students spend sitting in our "Learning Lounge" (direct instruction area). It's been illuminating to observe which students gravitate toward what type of seating, and how they interact in different groupings. One pet peeve, though, is when they start pounding absentmindedly on the stability balls. 

Check out the funding resources below. Contact Maggie: mhicks@lps.k12.co.us  

Funding Options 
Donors Choose (Support a Classroom, Build a Future) 
LPS Foundation (Grants to Teachers)

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