Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Showcase: Blogging: Writing about what you read.

Blogging: Writing about what you read.
Writing about what you are reading is a great way to share with others your thinking about a book or topic.  Writing in an online format allows you to share with an even larger audience.  Jill Maxey a teacher at Franklin Elementary School has a successful and authentic way this is happening for her students.

Jill’s last two book blogs have focused on historical fiction.  She has had three main purposes:
  • dig deeper into the text
  • better understanding of setting ( historical events - great depression )
  • increase audience along with parent / student conversation

Last years 4th graders participated in a blog around the book Watsons Go To Birmingham.  
This past year her now 5th graders have just started participating in a blog around the book Bud Not Buddy.  

So far this years parents are participating in high numbers, which brings great conversation and skills of how to disagree with someone in a respectful way. Even your mom or another parent :-)
see below
Kris ( parent ) AddyD ( student )

Here is how Jill got parents involved.  Parent Invitation Letter to Blog
This letter outline was initially created by Penny Potts another amazing teacher at Franklin that also blogs with her students.

To add another layer, Jill also has a Gifted and Talented blog where GT students respond to topics about their emotional health in learning.. Fear of Failure, Peer Pressure, Do Overs, Self-Esteem….  Check It Out at

Consider blogging in your classroom. Here are some Littleton blogging resources.

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